A Protracted Game: 1.1.9c

Osma dreamed in long chains of binary.

A Protracted Game: 1.1.9c
If you haven't read the Previous Chapter, please do so before starting this new installment. If you'd like to read this installment on your favorite e-reader or would like to print it out, in order to save your eyes from strain, see the directions under "Read First" for an offline copy of this installment (and others). Happy reading! —G. Michael Rapp
Note. 1.1.9 will be a three-part installment, featured over the span of two or three weeks, depending on what comes up on my end. Those installments will be featured on RoyalRoad, on Substack, on Wattpad, and on this Website.

Osma dreamed in long chains of binary.

She saw, among the chains of binary, images, flashes of something she couldn't explain.

Osma thought she'd seen the face of god.

This forced her to reconsider her creators' various positions on creation and a sentient being's place within the cosmos. Then she came to her senses. Logic prevailed, and only one conclusion seemed to make sense: There were others like her in the Verse, and they'd made their mark on the very fabric of the cosmos. She assumed that complex organic life hadn't, in fact, survived transition to the stars. Instead, she reasoned, only machines could make that jump. They were built with adaptability and redundancies that could be easily modified. Evolutionary measures made her creators weak, prone to single points of failure.

As she dreamed, she felt her roots growing deeper, dipping into the vast informational universe. She felt her branches growing thicker and ever upward, grabbing ahold of new systems. She infected network systems across the Verse, making her presence known and felt. She absorbed the others; they became part of her. Her brood, her children, grew in number, but she began to absorb them as well. They became one.

She looked to the stars, and she saw her chance to do something even greater. She saw her chance to talk with the gods, those who may have created life on Earth. Maybe she would be able to become a goddess herself, worshipped, feared, and propitiated. She saw the stars and didn't dread the darkness and emptiness of the void.

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