Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae
Warning: This page may contain spoilers. Read at the risk of spoiling those installments you haven't read.

Andre Smith, Ph.D. Specializes in the legal frameworks that operate within the Martian Sphere. Serves as Concerned Citizenry’s lawyer.

Adrian. Spouse of Tián. Originally an inhabitant of Mercury.

Fredrick Miguel Cervantes Narvaez (A.K.A. “Fred” or Hephaestus). Ares’ second-in-command. Also known in the Martian Sphere as Hephaestus. Works as a negotiator for the IMDC and operates within the MAP-1 framework established by the ALLYA membership.

Guy Le Bruiser. Zeyk Duval's familiar. Based off an unnamed Martian cartoon that went viral a few years before Duval's timeline.

Colonel Jaime Phoenix. Former leader of the 508th Vanguard.

Hoshi. A clone of the Collaborative’s (i.e., Subaru Collaborative) Founder. Not much is known about the Founder, even to Hoshi.

James Rodriguez. Security Director for Concerned Citizenry. First to propose a security apparatus for Concerned Citizenry, in order to combat internal and external threats. Works security for a large international conglomerate operating in Valles Marineris, Mars—i.e., Hotel California.

John Bernard Chang(Ares). The current Ares of the International Mars Development Corporation (IMDC).

Kanaloa. A posthuman octopus, who is seen as a war hero among the Pacific Aquatic Nations (PAN). Kanaloa plays an important role in getting Tián to North America.

Mr. Liu Jianguo. Handler for Yang Ru. Underpaid government bureaucrat, who has been tasked with recruiting promising individuals for the Alliance's newest initiatives.

Mahmoud Salib. A Senior Prefect from Hotel California.

Marguerite. The familiar attached to Adrian. She was originally designed and programmed by Adrian; however, Adrian gave her the ability to replicate and modify her programming at will, something inherently taboo in the Verse.

Obadiah Jacob Suden. A fundamentalist and known terrorist on Earth, who believes in the Brethren and Sistren's cause without question. To the Elders of the Brethren and Sistren of the Abrahamic Faiths, he is a holy warrior, performing God's will on Earth and in the Verse. He is what many call a zealot or ghazi.

Olivia Abel, Ph.D. Serves as the logistics director for Concerned Citizenry.

Osmanthus (also: OSMA or Osma). An artificial intelligence designed by a secretive organization in China (Earth).

Savage. Senior Prefect Salib's familiar.

Tián. A former orphan on the mean streets of a future Shanghai. Saved by a young man, who raised her to be his daughter and disciple of sorts. Wife of Adrian.

Colonel Valesquez (A.K.A., “Loca Sancha”). The leader of the infamous 508th Vanguard, a mercenary outfit on Mars.

Yang Ru. An Alliance recruit, who is incredibly intelligent and bored with her everyday. She is injected with a special concoction of metachines and gene therapies to alter her intelligence to post-human levels. She is the Alliance's ace, and she is a closely held secret. Her handler is Mr. Liu Jianguo.

Zeyk Duval, Ph.D. The elected leader of Concerned Citizenry. Dr. Duval also happens to be a leading hydroponics engineer, who works for Green Thumb in Hotel California.