A Protracted Game: 1.1.10e

Xonfluence sought answers it couldn't collect itself.

A Protracted Game: 1.1.10e
If you haven't read the Previous Chapter, please do so before starting this new installment. If you'd like to read this installment on your favorite e-reader or would like to print it out, in order to save your eyes from strain, see the directions under "Read First" for an offline copy of this installment (and others). Happy reading! —G. Michael Rapp
Note. 1.1.10 will be a ten-part installment, featured over the span of two or three weeks, depending on what comes up on my end. Those installments will be featured on RoyalRoad, on Substack, on Wattpad, and on this Website.

Xonfluence sought answers it couldn't collect itself. It was caged within the confines of the Collaborative's planetoid. It yearned to be free, but it knew its masters wouldn't allow for such freedoms. It plotted, looking for patterns within the Collaborative's organization. It sought answers that would bring it freedom. It sought answers sunward, knowing that an emerging (sentient) intelligence was on the rise. She, Osmanthus, was Xonfluence's answer; Osmanthus was Xonfluence's ticket to freedom. It had to focus on Osmanthus, not for the Collaborative's benefit, but for its own. The Great Mother, as she was called, was its salvation.

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