A Protracted Game: 1.1.10c

The Subaru Collaborative thought in long-time, a sort of mindset developed over three centuries in deep space.

A Protracted Game: 1.1.10c
If you haven't read the Previous Chapter, please do so before starting this new installment. If you'd like to read this installment on your favorite e-reader or would like to print it out, in order to save your eyes from strain, see the directions under "Read First" for an offline copy of this installment (and others). Happy reading! —G. Michael Rapp
Note. 1.1.10 will be a ten-part installment, featured over the span of two or three weeks, depending on what comes up on my end. Those installments will be featured on RoyalRoad, on Substack, on Wattpad, and on this Website.

The Subaru Collaborative thought in long-time, a sort of mindset developed over three centuries in deep space. The Collaborative’s elite saw the passage of time in the same vein as a geologist might view geological time: New paradigms took time to develop and bear fruit. They, the Collaborative’s elite, refused to even consider short-time, something that felt insignificant in the grander scheme of their thought processes. Although alien, to most, their thinking had allowed them to anticipate the current paradigms that dominated the Verse. Their survival depended on these idiosyncrasies.

What they hadn’t anticipated was the swift political changes and the crumbling of the current political order. Xonfluence, their oracle in such times, forced them to reconsider the nature of short-time in long-term thinking. Xonfluence argued that they needed to do something; they needed to feed it with more inputs. It’s insatiable thirst, voracious it’s hunger, for new data streams couldn’t be properly satiated. Xonfluence demanded more on the OCPs, so it could understand the long-term implications of the current developments in the Verse.

The Collaborative discovered their asset, the Founder’s genetic prodigy, was in orbit, making her way to the planetoid. They knew the data stores aboard the Somnium would tide over the Xonfluence. However, they also knew this wouldn’t last long. They would need to pay the asset to collect and transmit information back to the Collaborative. It would be costly, and they knew the asset was an unwilling member of their organization. They would need to secure something the asset would crave more than the Xonfluence craved information.

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